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Carlos Villalobos


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THANK YOU to Everybody that voted for me, that helped out in my campaign, to the Green Party for taking me in, to the League of Women Voters, Mr. David Jennings, the King Street Patriots, and to those who took the time to listen to me at the polls. These results are Amazing considering that i could not get any on air news coverage, or recognition from any local news media with the exception from the online Houston Chronicle who briefly mentioned me. Again, Thank You Very Much!


Age: 36

Brief History: In 2008, Carlos Villalobos was living homeless on the streets of Houston. Today he is a Shift Manager at Starbucks and about two years away from being a store manager.

  • In November 2011 he stood with parents, children and organizers to speaking out against Valero’s request for a tax refund for property taxes collected since 2007.
  • Then on December 7 2011 he was arrested in Washington DC for speaking out against civil rights violations
  •  He is Currently enrolled at the University of Phoenix working on a Bachelor of Science of Business Management, he is attending classes at the main Houston Campus on I-10

Running for: Harris County, Constable Precint 1



As the Constable of Harris County Precinct One:

  1. The 1st thing Carlos will do is call for an Audit of the department; to look for irregularities, questionable, excessive & under spending.
  2. He will develop and start a department and civilian review board to investigate all grievances, criticisms, accusations and complaints from within the precinct and from external sources.
  3. Carlos will empower officers to speak up against corruption & problems that need to be corrected within the department.
  4. Carlos opposes robo-signed foreclosures depriving families of their homes.
  5. He also opposes the privatization of the Harris County Jail and of law enforcement in Harris County.
  6. As Constable he will Stand Up for civil rights, justice, and equality for everyone, this includes supporting a Civilian Review Board with Subpoena & Prosecutive  Power.


James C. Lancaster (L)  also Libertarian Party Candidate Site for Mr. Lancasters contact information.

Alan Rosen (D) 

Joe Danna (R)

Carlos Villalobos

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