Age: 31

Everyone is Equal, All Deserve Rights… NO EXCEPTIONS.

Brief History: Originally from El Paso Tx. Meghan is an activist (former occupier) musician, practical engineer, former military contractor and HVAC technician.

Party: Green Party

Running for:US House of Representatives, Texas 35th Congressional District


  • Bexar County(south and east San Antonio)
  • Up the 35 corridor
  • Small part of Guadalupe County
  • Thin strip of Cormal County
  • Parts of Hays and Cadwell County,
  • Going into Travis County (south Austin)


:Civil Rights: Everyone is equal period. Our nation needs to move into a new era of of true equality. No matter how you look at i we are all human and should be afforded the same dignity and respect as all our fellow man.


Workers Rights: Pro Union,  fair Pay, benefits, safety issues, tax credits for American made and lack of tax benefits or penalties for outsourcing.. All of these can stimulate our economy and enhance the American way of life.


Education: A good education is a human right and the best defense our nation has. We need to get rid of no child left behind… reduce the “priority” of standardized testing. Students need to learn the fundamentals behind the subjects, not just how to take a test.Tuition costs and student loans have overtaken credit card debt as the 2nd largest type of debt in the nation. Our students are facing student debt for 20+ years, causing them to start their lives later. How can our young start families and become home owners if they are piled in 50,000+ in debt after a 4 year institution, up to 130,000 for an 8 year degree. Some call the idea of amnesty for student debt socialism, I call it common sense. How can we compete in a world market if our population cannot gain the knowledge and skills to empower them.

Proposed legislation:

This list will grow and is far from final. As I flesh out the legislation this list will become more detailed.


Term limits for congress, total of 12 years, up to 2 terms in the Senate, up to 6 terms in the House or 1 and 3 respectively


A full Net neutrality bill. The internet must remain free and uncensored. We cannot allow governments or corporations to dictate what we can and cannot see or do on the net. Bills like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA can never be aloud to happen again or take hold of our digital world.


A full Non Discrimination bill including all peoples. If you want and can afford a home, you can have it. If you want a job and are the most qualified, you should get it. Included in this we should make ALL crimes of bias hate crimes, no matter what people the crime was directed at.


Corporate thresholds for executive pay and bonuses. If corporate executives are limited to an exponent of the base pay of their employees, they must first give all their employees a raise before receiving one themselves. Same goes for bonuses.


Healthcare… we need to either move to a single payer system, or a non profit multiple insurance system. This would drive healthcare prices down for those that can afford it. For those who cant the government should provide subsidies.


Propose taking 50% of defense spending, not including what is used for veteran and active duty benefits and pay, taking the difference and putting it towards education. Once again a good education is the best
defense this country can have.


Lobbying must cease to be as it currently exists. We should make Lobbying a volunteer only situation, whereas the volunteers recovery no remuneration in any way form or fashion other than a job well done. They should not be able to give any gifts, payments, donations or anything other than information and a good argument to anyone in or related to the government in any way shape or form.


Main Opponent: Lloyd Doggett

Facebook: MeghanForCongress

Meghan Owen

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