Paul Pipkin, 2016 Green Candidate for the 20th US Congressional District of Texas!  


Paul Pipkin | Congressional District 20 in Texas

Paul Pipkin left the Democratic Party in 1998 after he led The Progressive Democrats of San Antonio for a decade. More recently, he served as co-chair of the Steering Committee for the national Green Party. Pipkin has worked in labor and political activism for more than 50 years, marching with Occupy and supporting Occupier-candidates during his race for office in 2012, when he took 8,500 votes against an establishment Democrat challenger. The last time congressional District 20 in Texas supported a Republican for President was 1956, when Republicans ‘were’ Democrats before the parties flipped during the Civil Rights Movement. Democratic incumbent Representative Joaquin Castro is an establishment Democrat with a twin brother serving in President Barack Obama’s administration.

“When you look at the actual numbers in 2000, it becomes clear that the spoiler allegation is the Democratic equivalent of the right-wing fringe belief that Barack Obama was born in Kenya,” said Paul Pipkin, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States and Green candidate for Congress in Texas.”

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Background Information
Born in Fort Worth TX, the son of a packinghouse worker and a public schoolteacher, I was educated at and around UT Austin at the height of the Sixties. I have operated nightclubs and worked in labor and political activism. I’ve lived in San Antonio for thirty years.

1964-1968 Students for a Democratic Society (UT Austin Chapter)
1984 Delegate, Arkansas Democratic Convention
1988 & 1992 Delegate, Texas Democratic Convention
1988-1998 Chair, The Progressive Democrats of San Antonio
1990-1998 Member, Bexar County Democratic Executive Committee
1992-1995 Representative, Natl. Assoc. of Government Employees (SEIU) AFL-CIO
1996-1998 Representative, Texas Public Workers Assoc. (CWA) AFL-CIO
1996 Delegate, founding convention Labor Party of America
2012 & 2014 Delegate, Green Party of Texas Convention
2014-2016 National Committee of the Green Party of the United States
2016 Co-chair, Steering Committee of the GPUS
2015-2016 Member, GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee
2016 Delegate to the Presidential Nominating Convention of the GPUS

In the Nov 6 2012 General Election, Green Party candidate for Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector Pipkin garnered 8,460 votes, leaving the incoming Democrat’s plurality some 2204 votes short of a majority. Congrats & thanks to the voters who denied the corporate choice any claim to the confidence of the electorate

 Countywide focuses of Green voter interest (assessment based on votes garnered in 2012 Tax Assessor race.)

 ONLY a GREEN can address the Important Issues in 2016: PIPKIN BROCHURE (from 2014 County Judge Contest)

(Videos thanks to Laura Palmer of Houston.)

We must force energy, water, & social justice policies (inc “gentrification” scams) into the otherwise bogus political “dialogue” co-opted by the “corporate citizens” & their mouthpiece media.

Wherever I stay, my HEART will always live on the Southside and I DO NOT want to see it turned into another Houston East End energycorp cesspool. See

The Eagle Ford Comes to Bexar

Bexar County Commissioners Court must be held accountable if they do not defend us & instead facilitate a Southside SACRIFICE ZONE.

2014 Campaign Manager — Yvonne Valdez

Bexar Co. judge candidates square off for last time

By Cory Smith

SAN ANTONIO - Undecided Bexar County voters got their final chance to hear from the four men vying for Bexar County judge Monday.

Incumbent Democrat and current Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, Republican Carlton Soules, Libertarian Rhett Smith, and Green Party candidate Paul Pipkin each shared their vision for their first six months in office during a candidate forum hosted by the League of Women Voters…

Green Party candidate Paul Pipkin believes the county should do more to protect residents from environmental hazards associated with theEagle Ford Shale development and the Calumet refinery.

I am a different kind of candidate and the mess you’re in your not going to get out of unless you start voting differently because the two-party system is a shell game,” said Pipkin.–judge-candidates-square-off-for-last-time.html (Oct 13, 2014–watch the news clip there.)

Entire Webcast: League of Women Voters Candidate Forum at UTSA:


Why almost 8500 people voted for Paul Pipkin in 2012:

As much as my own race, I was concerned with assisting our large local slate, particularly our Occupier-candidates.

Pipkin listens to Cong candidate Meghan Owen (far left) talk with fellow Occupiers on the State Capitol grounds, July 4, 2012 

 With Presidential Candidate Jill Stein, SUSJ and Greens at San Pedro Pavilion, Oct 6, 2012 

The 2012 election was over but the Struggle Continued

With Southwest Workers Union & Idle No More – Jan 11 2013

With SUSJ Valero Protest Mar 22, 2013 

With SUSJ Valero Protest Mar 22 2013

5/17/2014 — Nordheim TX, DeWitt County in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale. Meets CAP members installing sign on Hwy. 72
Global Climate Convergence activists meet CAP, Nordheim’s resistance coalition fighting permitting of the “Pyote” company’s open pit, solid waste processing operations.
Bexar Greens support & defend Los niños de la frontera July 21, 2014

San Anto Copwatch Rally against police brutality & militarization — Day of Action, Oct 22, 2014

 Greens Yvonne Valdez & Paul Pipkin at City Council with combined opposition to the Vista Ridge water privatization scheme. Oct 30th, 2014

SATX4Justice Protest March Dec 20 2014

RiverCenter protest of police abuse Dec 20 2014

At Bexar Co Commissioners Court on Oct 6th, 2015 with Texas Indigenous Council to receive the Resolution declaring Oct 12 Indigenous People’s Day in Bexar County!

Break-out group from the Candidates’ Workshop Sat morning, April 9, 2016.
GPTX Convention at Grey Forest, north of San Antonio.

With Dr Jill Stein & Texas Green Candidates at EVA Galeria in San Antonio, Oct 16th 2016

The Rest of the Story (how I got here)

Through the decade of the 1990s, I chaired the Progressive Democrats of SA. I had a hand in activating many of the multi-ethnic Bexar votes for Jesse Jackson from 1988 and through ongoing progressive struggles. The Democratic Party has sold out those voters, and I WANT THEM BACK!

As the millennium drew nigh, PD recognized a predatory oligarchy had corrupted the Democratic Party beyond redemption & sought an alternative–first with Jim Hightower’s “Populist Alliance”, then participated in the founding of the late Tony Mazzochi’s Labor Party of America. Neither proved prepared to go the distance to true political independence.

In hindsight, we might have turned to the example set by the Rainbow Coalition in Massachusetts, who early merged with Green Party in the present Green-Rainbow Party of MA. But com-tech was not then what we take for granted now. We really did not know.

I left the Democratic Party after 1998. Now I KNOW I shall NEVER return. Hillary Clinton, a Presidential Candidate, bent on inflicting renewed East-West Cold War on another generation–enables Ukrainian Nazis & facilitates fascism. What sort of American can put up with THAT?

While GPUS is relatively young, we are a National Party. In 2012 we were on the BALLOT in 37 States & DC, assuring at least 85% of the electorate had at least the chance to vote for our National Ticket. 45 States in 2016.

The corporate parties have driven the country into the ditch. The “two-party system” is a shell-game, run by masters of the short con. And it’s never going to change until YOU begin to vote differently.

You want to make a statement for politics independent of corporate corruption, TEXAS IS THE PLACE, and GREEN IS THE LINE.

Paul Pipkin

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